Our Food

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Ingredients straight from the market, cooking them to amplify their flavours & textures.

Off to the market

South Melbourne market is a beautiful destination for the foodies of Melbourne! It has a diverse range of farm fresh foods & unique ingredients to really make your meal sing. The people & stall owners are really passionate about what they do, Listening to the stories of where food was grown & how it got to us is amazing! Especially when its a 90m walk from the shop =)

Where does the food really come from?

The Bread Man: AKA George has incredient organic soughdough. Fruits, Veg & Unique ingredients: Alan is the specialist, next fruit from up from George! Salmon & Oyster bar: SMS have it down pat as a key destination for fresh fish. Game Keepers: Its a company that cares about local sourced meats, we cannot wait to share these stories

Kitchen 'is' Open..

Fed Up Projects aims to feed you up with a good food experience! Experience when you think about it, isn't just food. We want to immerse you in the experience, this is why our kitchen is completely open! You literally watch Sarah cooking your meal & if you have questions about the technique she is using.. Just ask Sarah to explain! 'If it's crazy busy, the answer might be shorter thane expected'.. This interaction between chef & food lover is something we really cherrish.